Payments methods

  • ECPay (preferred)
    • Credit card (Taiwan or overseas) 信用卡
    • ATM payment 信用卡 or WEB-ATM 櫃員機
    • Convenient Store (payments machine) 超商代碼 (CVS)
    • Convenience Store (print barcode) 超商條碼 (BARCODE)
  • PayPal (back option if ECPay doesn`t work)
  • Direct Bank Transfer ATM 匯款 (only in Taiwan, old way and slower)

Shipping methods

  • Taiwan
    • by Post 一般郵局 100NTD
    • Free shipping 免費發運 (over 1200NTD)
    • Free shipping 免費發運 (with free shipping coupon)
    • With RACE PACK (in next BR race) 和選手包 (下次BR活動時領)
  • East Asia
    • by Post 一般郵局 300NTD
    • Free shipping 免費發運 (over 3000NTD)
    • Free shipping 免費發運 (shipping coupon and over 1500NTD)
    • With RACE PACK (in next BR race) 和選手包 (下次BR活動時領)
    • countries: Brunei, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Macau / 澳门
  • Rest Of World
    • INTERNATIONAL by post 國際發運 500NTD
    • INTERNATIONAL free shipping 免費發運 (over 5000NTD)
    • INTERNATIONAL free shipping 免費發運 (shipping coupon and over 2500NTD)
    • With RACE PACK (in next BR race) 和選手包 (下次BR活動時領)

Direct Bank Transfer ATM – instruction

直接匯款到跑山獸帳戶,請使用您的訂單號碼當付款的依據。 您的訂單將不會變更直到資金已清楚在我們的帳戶裡。
Make your payment directly into our bank account (E. Sun Bank (808) 0554940006524). Please use your Order ID as the payment reference. Your order won’t be shipped until the funds have cleared in our account.

寄出付款證明(於銀行轉賬) /Upload Proof of Payment:

  • please be sure you receive following emails (check Spam folder):
    • Order Confirmation email “Thank you for your order” (after you set order)
    • Complete Order “Thanks for shopping with us” (after we ship your order)

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